Women’s Leadership Conference of Northern California

Women's Leadership Conference

We are the Women’s Leadership Conference of Northern California.

We believe women should have access to a professional network, where members build and leverage the power, influence, and support of each other.

Our purpose is to create a platform where women can learn from each other, share and collaborate. Every member committed to the success of others.

Our priority is to promote and accelerate each other’s businesses, so no one feels alone in business.

Our philosophy of women helping women succeed is the foundational purpose from which members learn specifically how to continually grow their business and profits.


Many networking organizations put profits first. Instead, we put you and the growth of your business first. Our vision is to network with each other and refer business to each other. WLC offers access to other women experts and professionals who are willing to share the steps they took to achieve their success—in business and in life.


WLCNORCAL will conduct quarterly events and monthly mixers which will offer education and the chance to market yourself and your business — simultaneously. This will open doors for those who are committed to the success of others in all aspects of business and in life. Regardless of your industry, you’ll learn from others how to duplicate the process they took to achieve success.

The Founder, Chinyere “ChiChi” Nnodim-Jack, received her education/degree in Business Administration with over 19 years of professional experience in leadership, sales, marketing, and business development. Her first-hand experience with poor organizational leadership during her professional career lead her to create Women’s Leadership Conference; “Unleashing The Brilliance Of Women In Leadership.” She envisioned a platform where women could support each other through purpose and alignment. Her commitment to the success of others has been a gift for so many women.

Chinyere is an Elected Board Member of the Stanislaus County Board of Education – Area 5. Her professional endeavors include Founder/Executive Director of Helping Hands, —One Life At A Time and the owner of a Cruise Planners —a premier travel agency 


Chinyere Nnodim-Jack